LEFKON Marble Logo with pictures of White and Striped LEFKON Marbles


LEFKON Marble Quarrying & Trading® has been set-up and is managed by earth scientists who combine profound geological know-how with extensive professional experience. LEFKON utilizes advanced technology in quarry deposits survey, analysis and management while adhering to strict environmental and safety standards.



It is true that marble occurs naturally in quite a few places all over the World, but only a small fraction of them are blessed with marble of the highest standards.

Our marbles are quarried in mount Vermio, close to the city of  Veria, in the northern Greek region of Macedonia. In this historical area, the forces of Earth have given rise to a rare and unique quality of white marble deposits over countless millennia. This was well-known to Ancient Greeks, who were using the marble for gracing Palaces and Temples to their full glory. These same deposits are still active today - and the very best of them are exclusively exploited by LEFKON, a trusted name in fine Greek marble. 

LEFKON premium marbles are the bearers of an aesthetic that transcends time - classical yet so contemporary. White or with naturally occurring stripe-like patterns, they add to the aesthetics of any modern construction, in a way that no other material is in position to do.

On top of their unquestionable aesthetic appeal and beauty, our calcite marbles are endowed with world-class material qualities, such as very low porosity, high strength and durability. Our marbles come in a wide range of standard sizes and can also be cut-to-size, covering all architectural requirements for interior and exterior use. Timeless, unique, beautiful and strong, LEFKON™ Aether and LEFKON™ Striatto set the standard in fine Greek marbles.